Fire Rob Manfred and make me commissioner of baseball

Fire Rob Manfred and make me commissioner of baseball

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Started by Ian M

Rob Manfred has shown that he is not capable of representing the interests of the sport of baseball. His reign has been filled with scandal, incompetence, and general asshattery not becoming of America's game. He should be replaced immediately, by me.

As a fan of baseball, I will actually try to improve the sport, rather than cater to the whims of billionaire owners and television executives. Here are some of the potential ideas I have:

1. Not messing with the baseball. MLB, since buying Rawlings, has been messing with the baseball, fundamentally altering the way the game is played, as well as lying and covering up their involvement. This is irresponsible at best, and given the League's recent partnership with several sports books, could imply a game rigging conspiracy. As commissioner, I would never mess with the fundamental mechanics of the sport. If changes needed to be made to the sport,  they would be made openly and transparently, with input from all relevant parties.

2. Adding/enforcing a pitch clock. Everyone knows baseball games are longer than they used to be, and most people agree this is not ideal. Manfred has tried addressing this issue in some of the most moronic ways possible, whereas I would simply make sure that both pitcher and batter are prepared after a reasonable amount of time, rather than the current dawdling and lingering we currently see between pitches.

3. Abolishing of the designated hitter. This one speaks for itself.

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!