Cancellation of STPM Semester 2 examination 2020

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Greetings, to the Management of Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia, committee members and also to my fellow students.

The main objective of this particular petition is to suggest and support our opinion on the cancellation of the Semester 2 exam for 2020 STPM candidates. Refering to the current lockdown, we STPM candidates for 2020 are suffering too in studies just like other IPTA/IPTS students. Students academic is one of the important aspect but the current lockdown does not favour the students. There are some reasons why we are actually suggesting to cancel the Semester 2 exam based on our experience with the online classes during the lockdown.

First thing first, STPM is one of the top exam in Malaysia and it has a worlwide recognition. I truly understand that a STPM candidate must be a hard and smart worker to perform well in this kind of examination. But, the lockdown made the situation worst and lead the students to comfort themselves with online classes. Online class methodology is an amazing alternative way to study. But frankly speaking, it is not the effective method when it comes to the STPM examination. There are alot of challenges and distractions which causes low focus and inappropriate attention of students. The main challenge which facing by a student during the online classes is they are not able to understand the subjects that are being taught online. It is because some topic or subjects need face to face teaching method to improve level of understanding. Unfortunately, we do not have any other choice because of the COVID-19.

Next, the students also facing problems when it comes to hear the teacher's explanation. Based on the experience, mostly the connection of the teachers are not that stable and it creates incomplete teaching and learning process. It is because, students we are only hear stuttering voice every 5 seconds almost in every classes. Moreover, we STPM candidates have assignments in Sem 2 as well as in Sem 3. There are some candidates who wants to repeat the Sem 1 exam just to score more. So they need to do revision for more than 1 semester with many subjects. Students have to move around to their research area when it comes to the assignment task and there's no way to go out in the lockdown so the assignment tasks still on pending.

On the other hand, having examination with a vast quantity of students can increase the risk of infection by the COVID -19. Although most of the students are living around but the mass gathering is still restricted. Doing exam with a group of students might be a way of spreading the virus among us. So it is better to do online exam.

To conclude what this all about, majority of the students think that Sem 2 exam for 2020 STPM students should be cancel due to obvious reasons. Moreover, I think that we should not take the risk of causing the outbreak to be worst and also the concern of the students health. Students are having a rough time during this lockdown. I hope that this helps to understand what us students are going through right now. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.Stay safe.