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Massive registration of all residents of Entebbe to Local Authorities

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I want to stop the outrageous killing of women in Entebbe, and all areas along Entebbe Road. i am a fully fledged woman from my head to the sole of my feet and i now fear for my life and for other women as well. It is heart breaking to learn that in my locality, we have become a target for homicide. Entebbe has become a slaughter house. As i write this, more than 21 women have been killed in a similar manner. Most of them have gotten their uterus pulled out and other body parts chopped off then their bodies dumped in bushes by heartless murderers. The government has deployed arms in the area but these killings have not stopped. The police has made several arrests about these murders but the killings still haven't stopped. Since i think the police and the government are not doing enough, i urge and petition that every individual at household level be registered with the Local Council Authority in their respective vicinity so as to know who belongs where and the total population in that particular area. I urge the local councils to come into play and enforce this petition into effect. I also want to urge every person to be watchful of their neighbors and all people around them and be each other's keeper and quickly report to the local authorities in case of any suspicious activities.

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