Say NO! to multi-million dollar Lochinvar/Farley Crematorium now!

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You could be at risk! Emissions from crematoriums contain some of the most toxic substances known – mercury, fine particulate matter, NOx, dioxin, VOCs and heavy metals. 

Developers have already submitted detailed plans and proposals, to begin construction of a multi million dollar large-scale crematorium and mass burial site within 6 months if we don’t act now!

Local residents living in Farley, Lochinvar, Telarah, Windella Downs, Aberglasslyn, Heritage Parc, Rutherford and the newly established Ravensfield could all be affected by increased crematory emissions, which have been linked to an increase birth defects, neural tube defects and Spina Bifida. The risk of stillbirth and the risk of the life threatening brain abnormality Anencephalies has proven to be higher among babies whose mothers lived close to a crematorium.

Respiratory and nervous systems (particularly in children's developing bodies) are also at risk even from low levels of these crematoria carcinogens - especially when exposed continuously near homes, schools and playgrounds. The developers have submitted outdated emission reports from 2007 from the UK, proposing that the increased emission levels are ‘low’ and ‘minimal’.. but any increase is too much! There are NO SAFE LEVELS of exposure to mercury, PM2.5, dioxin and certain VOCs. Furthermore, very little is known about the long term effects of prolonged low dose exposure.

Health risks aside – how could this affect your property value?

How will this affect your tank water or agriculture?

This proposed incinerator will cripple the booming residential potential of the entire local area, without any proven demand for such a facility.

Tell Maitland City Council to put our safety and community first and reject the crematorium proposal for your neighbourhood. Deadline for community objection is February 12th- you need to act now!

Signing this petition will support the cause, however a formal written objection is the method in which the Maitland City Council will formally recognise to oppose this development, which you can do by clicking on the link:

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