#MuteRKelly Cancel his concert in Sri Lanka

#MuteRKelly Cancel his concert in Sri Lanka

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Adeline Bas started this petition to Maithripala Sirisena (President of Sri Lanka)

What can be done to make sure the Sri Lankan authorities deny RKelly Visa?

Because if he's allowed to have a concert here we're sure plenty of kids are going to turn up without a clue in the world simply because the "king" of R&B is in the country and that's just messed up.

No child or teen should be allowed to go for a concert of a proven, yes proven, pedophile.

Or are we just going to ignore him marrying a 15 year old illegally with forged documentation to make it look like she was 18?

Quite easy to forget Aaliya now that she's dead huh?

- President Maithripala Sirisena if you could make a big ha-ho over Enrique's concert and if our government had the capability to ban Akon from entering the country please do something worthwhile and ban the proven Pedophile R Kelly from being able to perform in Sri Lanka. 


The takeaway: throughout R Kelly’s career, beginning in 1992, dozens and dozens of women have come forward with their experiences of sexual and physical abuse from the singer. Many of the women met him as fans while they were minors, some as young as 14.

1994: Marries 15 year old singer Aaliyah at 27 years old; he met her when she was 12 years old. Legal documents were forged to change Aaliyah’s age to 18

1996: A woman named Tiffany Hawkins who had a relationship with Kelly beginning when she was 15 in 1991, sued him, his record and management companies citing injury and emotional damage from their three year relationship. She original sought $10 million, but settled for $250,000

2000: The Chicago-Sun Times publishes story detailing allegations from an unnamed number of underage victims of R Kelly, some of whom met him when they were 14. These include being forced to have sex with other minors and filming himself and the girls having sex. There were several lawsuits that were either settled out of court or dropped.

2001: A reporter for the Chicago-Sun Times is sent a tape of Kelly having sex with who appeared to be an underage girl- the tape is sent to the Chicago Police Department

2001: An intern for Epic Records and rapper, Tracy Simpson, settles a lawsuit out of court because she was 17 at the beginning of their sexual relationship

February 2002: A sex tape depicting Kelly urinating on a girl who was later identified as being 14 years old was sent to the Chicago Sun-Times and then over to Chicago PD. The tape soon went viral.

April 2002: Patrice Jones sues Kelly due to the fact that she was 16 when she and Kelly had a sexual relationship; she had an abortion after Kelly got her pregnant.

May 2002: Tina Woods sues Kelly alleging he filmed her having sexual intercourse without her consent. The case was settled out of court
2005: Kelly’s wife and mother of their two children files for divorce. In 2018 she spoke out about the physical and mental abuse she suffered from the singer

June 2002: Kelly was indicted on 21 counts of child pornography and arrested in Florida and was released on bond. In 2008 he was found not guilty on all charges which had been reduced to 15.

2002-2004: Kelly was indicted on 12 further counts of child pornography

July 2017: An article by Buzzfeed exposes allegations that R Kelly is holding six women in a bizarre “sex cult”, according to parents of several of the women. Women spoke of being sexually abused, and were not allowed to speak with other people, were not allowed to eat or use the bathroom without Kelly’s permission, were starved as punishment, were forced to have sex with each other. These allegations were corroborated by those who knew and worked for Kelly.

August 2017: Jerhonda Pace tells Buzzfeed that she had a sexual relationship with Kelly at the age of 16.

October 2017: DJ Kitti Jones tells Rolling Stone she was in an abusive relationship with Kelly, citing the same experiences as the women in the cult. Many other women would come forward with similar stories.

May 2018: Faith Rodgers sues Kelly for sexual assault during their relationship which began when she was 19.

January 2019: Lifetime premiers “Surviving R Kelly”, an explosive docuseries featuring harrowing interviews with dozens of women who explain their stories of being victimized by the singer, including his wife. The contents corroborate all of the above information, and more. Investigations are set to begin following it’s release

January 2019: Kelly is confronted at Trump Tower after it is believed two women are being held there against their will. An anonymous tip told the Chicago Police Department that officers arrived to Kelly’s room and questioned the two women who say they’re there voluntarily, although each of their parents, who have not been able to get in touch with the girls in years, believe they are being brainwashed.

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