Install Outdoor Basketball Hoop at Life Pacific University

Install Outdoor Basketball Hoop at Life Pacific University

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Maintainence Staff / Life Pacific University

Why this petition matters

Started by Chandler Sargent

During the time of COVID, the outdoor basketball hoop was removed to prohibit people from playing as a precaution. Since then, there has been new Volleyball courts installed, yet the basketball hoop remains missing. 

I personally reached out to maintenance within the first week of Fall Semester 2021, and yet to this day there is no hoop outside on campus. All I’ve received is differing reasons as to why the hoop is still missing. 

If COVID-19 was still a concern for outdoor team sports, why is it that there is still full use of the volleyball courts? If it’s because of money concerns, couldn’t we find it in the school’s budget to fund one?

Having an outside basketball hoop would create community, create exercise opportunities, and give an alternative space for students to play basketball. Especially since the indoor court is often used up for practices between volleyball and basketball. 

I plead that you find it in your heart to sign this petition to show the importance of having an outdoor basketball hoop at the school. It’s time that we get one back moving into a new year. It would only serve to help us grow as a community of students as volleyball had done. I am proud to be a Life Pacific University student, and hope to see us build forward with this issue. 

36 have signed. Let’s get to 50!