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Universities of California under the Quarter System: Maintain our 3-week Winter Break

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During the month of January 2014, the University of California Registrars approved a change for the Fall 2014 Quarter. This change resulted in the Fall 2014 Quarter to begin a week later than usual in order to accommodate students who are involved with the Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. However, another change resulting from this decision is that the Winter Break has been shortened from 3 weeks to only 2 weeks.

We as students and staff of the Universities of California under the quarter system require the 3rd week. Many students use this time in a variety of ways: some students use this break to spend time with their friends and families who many left in order to continue their education, while others use this break to earn some extra money in order to help pay for school and living expenses; however, we all use this break to relax and rest our mind and bodies in order to begin the following Winter and Spring Quarters

What we need is to move the beginning of instruction of the Winter 2015 Quarter (currently January 5) to be pushed a week later to January 12. Along with this, it would be required to push the start of instruction of the Spring 2015 Quarter (currently March 30) to April 6. With this move, Spring Break would be during the week of March 29- April 4 and the Winter Break would be from December 20- January 12. 

In the end, these changes would benefit everyone. We would regain the 3rd week of Winter Break in order to relax and rest for the following quarters. Our families would also benefit by being able to be with their students who moved away in order to continue their education. Staff of the universities would also be able to spend time with their loved ones during the holiday season.

If we do not regain the 3rd week, we cannot enjoy our time off to the fullest, earn the extra money in order to help pay for school and living expenses, and 2 weeks is not enough time to rest for the following quarters, especially because the holiday season is full of preparations for the holidays. 

Please support to maintain the 2014-2015 Winter Break at 3 weeks!

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