Maintain the original route from Kalyani Nagar to Ramwadi through Nagar Road.

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The original plan of the Pune Metro route was from Kalyani Nagar to Ramwadi on Nagar Road.  However, the authorities have decided to change the route to take it inside Kalyani Nagar with a deviation of 900 meters approximately. Reason - As per existing law, construction is not allowed in the prohibited areas except for repair and renovation works.  Prohibited area is a land within 100 meters radius around a protected monument.  In this case, Agakhan Palace on Nagar Road.   

In January 2018, Lok Sabha has already passed a bill proposing amendments in the legislation to the 1958 that prohibits carrying out any public work or project or other constructions in any prohibited area around protected monuments. (source Times of India)

This petition is to 

1. Stop the Metro construction and uprooting trees inside Kalyani Nagar as the route suggested is through Salim Ali Bird park. It will damage the green cover.

2. Terminate the Metro, for the time being, at Kalyani Nagar station. 

3. Rajya Sabha to speed up passing the Amendment Bill which is already passed by Lok Sabha in January 2018.

This will avoid unnecessary hardship to the residents of Kalyani Nagar which is already congested.  It will not damage the green cover.  Ramwadi residents can take BRTS transport to reach Kalyani Nagar station to avail Metro services.