Maintain the Current Zoning for 13242 and 13252 104 Ave., and 10375 133 St.

Maintain the Current Zoning for 13242 and 13252 104 Ave., and 10375 133 St.

July 10, 2022
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Leita Martin (Project Planner at City of Surrey) and 7 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Michael S

I am writing this petition in regards to the rezoning/development proposal for lots 13242 and 13252 104 Avenue; and 10375 133 Street on the western boundary of Surrey's City Center (Application No.: 7920-0024-00).

The developer is proposing to rezone these lots for consolidation and comprehensive development; and to build a 36-storey high-rise on this land.

We are petitioning that the City of Surrey will please maintain the current 2.5 FAR zoning for the described lots. 


There is a need for density in Surrey but in the proper context and with the right plan. It is believed that this proposal does not consider the families currently living in the area and how this will impact the neighbourhood for years to come.  

Deviation from the 2017 City Center Plan (CCP)
- As per the CCP, the proposed area is zoned for Residential Low to Mid Rise (2.5 FAR with maximum development of 6-stories)
- The developer is proposing to rezone this area to 7.5 FAR
- This would increase density by greater than 200%

There are concerns from residents and homeowners as to how this will negatively affect the integrity of the neighbourhood and its current infrastructure. 

Overcapacity at Our Schools 
- On June 15, 2022, the Surrey School Board shared their enrolment forecast and existing capacity for Old Yale Elementary School and Kwantlen Park Secondary School
- These schools are well-beyond overcapacity and are using portable classrooms to support class sizes 
- This development would further exacerbate the problem 
- No funding or infrastructure has been guaranteed to support these schools with this increase in density

Impact on Neighbouring Homeowners and Residents
- The increase to 7.5 FAR is disproportionate to the neighbouring low-rise and high-rise buildings that have been considered in the 2017 City Center Plan; the proposed design does not conform well to the existing neighbourhood
- The CCP described the proposed lots as an interface to the single-family homes west of 132 Street
- A 36-storey development will overshadow those low-rise homes west of 132 St. during the day, and the neighboring buildings to the east during the evening. This is an undeniable loss of value for neighbouring buildings
- This development is a poor interface between high-density and low-rise residential homes and does not consider the surrounding architecture

I kindly ask for your help in signing this petition and making this matter known to homeowners and residents in the Surrey West Village. 

Thank you for your help and for your time.

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Signatures: 62Next Goal: 100
Support now

Decision Makers

  • Leita MartinProject Planner at City of Surrey
  • Steven PettigrewCouncillor at City of Surrey
  • Allison PattonCouncillor at City of Surrey
  • Linda AnnisCouncillor at City of Surrey
  • Doug ElfordCouncillor at City of Surrey