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Vicky Clifton
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The tragic death of Caroline Flack has once again highlighted the impact negative media campaigns and trolling can have on an individual. It should be illegal but it isn't.

We Can Make A Change - Sign the Pledge

I posted on my own Facebook how I have been trolled for two years being called Fat Vicky and Fat Pig etc. All the comments are amazing and makes me know that the majority of humans are decent people.

I ask that you sign this petition as a pledge to help bring an end to trolling. By signing you are pledging to:

1. Stop making nasty, hurtful comments about someone’s physical appearance.

2. Stop sharing news excerpts on social media in order to be disparaging about someone or to hurt their feelings, be it celebrity or otherwise.

3. Never engage or comment in any way on a post made by a troll

4. Not engage in gossip about a.other person, celebrity or otherwise via any social media platform.

5. Boycott mainstream media outlets that do any of the above.

Together we can make a change. Together we can make a difference. 

Sign Today. Share. Let's make the change we want to see.