Install Traffic Lights at the intersection of Royal Palm Drive and Ennis Avenue Warnbro

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There has been a significant amount of accidents occur at this corner every year, causing death and injury to people's loved ones. With at least 3 accidents in the past 2 months. This intersection has not even been recognized as a black spot.

There has been Traffic lights installed at numerous other intersections between Warnbro and Mandurah, reducing the amounts of accidents. The same needs to be done at the Ennis Avenue and Royal Palm Drive intersection.

My family and I travel through this intersection on a daily basis and have witnessed so many near misses.

Its frightening to think I could lose 1 or more of them at this intersection.


No more lives need to be unnecessarily put at risk.

There also is no Stop sign or Give Way sign coming from Ennis Avenue on to Royal Palm Drive. This part of the road has a 100km/h speed limit.

Drivers these days seem to be either impatient or just oblivious to the traffic that is travelling at 100km/h through that intersection towards Perth.

I believe Traffic Lights are the only solution. They will force these people to have to wait.

Since the date I started this petition in 2018, there has been more than 16 accidents at this intersection!