MaineHealth: Actively Commit to Public Health Anti-Racism

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Monday 8/3 Updates: 500 Supporters, Beacon article & A request!

Hi all.

First off, this morning we reached 500 supportersWe are humbled by the response to these actions items. By signing your name, you have indicated that you recognize the imperative role that health organizations have in fighting racism in our communities.

Did you see the article in the Beacon this week about our call for MaineHealth to take a stand against racism? If not, you can read it by clicking this link.

Our goal is far from reached. In order for meaningful change to occur, we need many more signatures. Can you help us reach 1,000 by the end of the week? Please share widely with the individuals and networks in your life that you've yet to share, and ask them to both sign and further circulate our asks.

Lastly, are you an employee or patient/client of any MaineHealth service? We want to hear from you! We welcome your ideas and your stories of your experiences, particularly as they relate to experiences with racism or antiracism with the organization. They would be incredibly helpful for our efforts. Please email us at 

Mainers for Public Health Justice
4 months ago