We are losing one of our most valuable resources in Maine, Our Moose...

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I think this is a topic that a lot of people of Maine are concerned about but don't understand the depth of suffering it is causing. I felt this photo might show you a bit more of what devastation the moose tick is causing in Maine... These are from 4 days ago... I usually like to post beautiful and cute photos but my love for wildlife has gotten me out of my comfort zone and into a deeper concern for the future of our moose in Maine. There are a lot of good ideas that people have, and all worthy of being said, but saying is not going to help our moose. The bottom line from what I have been told is the IF&W biologists feel that this is a cycle that has to run it's course... The moose tick that has no host will eventually die off... So in the meantime, the yearlings are at risk to die a very grizzly death and our population ends up declining to only the strong that will be the ones targeted for the moose hunt increase they are suggesting... What hunter wants to go home with a tick infested weakling moose? I just don't think that the people in charge are taking this problem on as a tourism problem, because if they were they would be out treating them?! Tourists and out of state hunters come to this state to see a moose and eat a lobster... Good luck having them come back to the woods after seeing this pitiful young bull!!!

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