"No Right Turn" from Ghostgum av issue - Treeby Calleya - Armadale RD upgrade

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Dear Treeby Calleya Residents: The new Armadale Road upgrade will see a "No Right Turn" (traffic lights gone!) from Ghostgum av onto Armadale road. We need signatures from our residents so we can ask the Local and state govt to Not take away our Right to turn right on Armadale rd.

Why: Main roads said the lights interrupt the traffic flow on Armadale rd. 

Treeby traffic will be a nightmare if we cant get out on Armadale rd. For school or college students (no school or shops yet in calleya) , Calleya parents will face morning and afternoon Chaos. It may also devalue the property if the access to the Estate has been compromised and or is a second best option. 

Bus Route & PTA - PTA cant yet run buses as it will only be Left in Left out.

Kind regards


Raj Rajpaul Sandhu