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Do Not Repeal Bot Neutrality

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Bot Neutrality (BN) makes it illegal for Developers to "throttle" your bot speed. Throttling allows them to choose how fast, and even if, you can have functional access to certain websites. This paves the way for having different plans for different speeds you can visit websites. Currently you can use the bots at full speed for all websites. With Bot Neutrality repealed not only would you pay for the updates but you would pay for one of their plans to allow faster tasks.

In 2016, the public and United States Appeals Court disapproved of an effort to repeal BN. We are aware that repealing BN will only benefit the monopolized bot developers, such as "Main Dev" aka Hunter. The public overwhelming has its best interests in BN as it protects the consumer, and thus we stand to keep BN in effect. STOP CASES LIKE F&F Dashe FROM HAPPENING EVERY AGAIN!



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