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With all of the recent school shootings, it’s extremely hard not to think about the possibility that our children may have to endure a similar tragic event in the future. The best short term solution that comes to mind is prevention. Although there are many ideas floating around, possibly the quickest to place in schools would be the requirement to carry clear backpacks. We propose females who want to carry personal hygiene products may have a hygiene pouch in their backpacks, but the over all idea is to be able to identify a possible threat. With gun control arguments that won’t be resolved for years, and the high cost of metal detectors, this is a great short term preventative measure. 


Please understand that this idea is not to punish our children, but rather to protect them. Our petition is to bring attention to the Spring Branch Independent School Board that we want action! 


Note: logistics on providing clear backpacks for students are being worked out currently.

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