Enable Guam NURSES to be a part of the e-NLC (enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact)!

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The goal of the Nurse Licensure Compact (the "NLC") is to improve patient care by allowing nurses to practice freely across state lines with one multi-state license; having 11 uniform licensure requirements to include federal criminal background check;  and to provide care as soon as those with a multi-state license arrive to Guam.

The NLC has many benefits for Guam. The NLC is crucial to getting needed nurses from other states in times of disaster.  We would ALSO be able to provide Guam nurses to other compact state areas if THEY needed our help.  Guam already experiences a nursing shortage, even more so than other states due to its remoteness.  With a multi-state license, travel nurses and military spouses would be able to start working at local hospitals or medical clinics as soon as they arrive to Guam.  Being a military spouse myself, I have had multiple nursing license and fees every time our family relocated.  Not to mention the wait time to get a new state license before I could work.  Under the NLC, military spouses can continue to care for others seamlessly.  Travel nurses and other federal DOD nurses would also be able to work in the local hospitals/clinics immediately if they held a multistate license. 

With a multi-state compact license, our Guam nurses would also be able to provide telehealth nursing services or even further their nursing education via online.  Local facilities could possibly even see a decrease in cost for new nurse hires, since they would not have to possibly assist with the cost of expediting an additional local nursing license.

Being a part of the enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact states (currently 30 states strong), would also protect our patients by ensuring that we meet the 11 uniform licensure requirements for each nurse and also by requiring federal criminal background checks.

Let's get Guam to be a part of the compact states!  Our people deserve an adequate amount of nursing staff available, as well as quality nurses to serve.  The Nurse Licensure Compact has been around for 15 years and would be a definite benefit to our island.  For more information on the eNLC, see nursecompact.com.

Thank you for considering this very important issue to nurses and patients of Guam.

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