Save our Burton-on-Trent crossing patrols

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Louise Haynes
Louise Haynes signed this petition

Crossing patrols across Burton upon Trent are to be axed next year. This is a dangerous and catastrophic proposal and will affect us all. The lollipop ladies in my particular area safely cross pupils from Deferrers, Outwoods and Saint Modwens, at the Rolleston Road/Harehedge Lane junction. This is an extremely busy junction and children need help to cross it. The crossing patrols are an absolute necessity at the busiest times of the working week. If they are taken away there are sure to be casualties. How much is a child’s life worth?

This problem can be solved by not removing the 248 crossing patrols proposed. The work the lollipop ladies and men do is invaluable, they are too important to get rid of. How much is a child’s life worth?

Personal story
My name is Louise, I have two children and we have been using the crossing patrols to get to school safely since 2011. Over the years I have witnessed first hand the various dangerous scenarios that occur on a daily basis involving rush hour traffic at this busy junction alone. Although I walk my youngest child to school there are many, many children of all ages who walk on their own or with friends and they do need assistance. To take the crossing patrols away with no other safety measures in place is an extremely horrifying thought. This will affect all children across Burton-Upon-Trent. How much is a child life worth?

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