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Highwood High School Dress Code

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  As a school of teenagers, we are trusted with a lot of different things, yet we can't be trusted with certain aspects of our clothing. As such, we believe it to be unfair. As we approach adulthood and further responsibilities, we are told we can't wear muscle shirts in gym class and our bra straps must be tucked out of sight. The proposed dress code supported by the student body does not give permission to inappropriately, it will allow us to utilize our closet fully and to have more breathing room in school (which, by the way, we spend 8 hours in for approximately five days a week). With many examples available, I'll provide just one that many of the students can relate to. We started this petition to improve our school, and we need to push it as far as we can in order to make the most progress as possible. Below is an example, and under it is the proposed dress code, which will substitute certain bullet points in the current one. 


  An example of a dress code issue includes the incident a student faced last spring, who wished to remain anonymous, in which she was dress coded for her bra strap showing in the middle of a math exam by a passing teacher. She was wearing a modest dress, and had other students show their support when asked if her clothing was considered inappropriate or distracting. As the day dragged on, she was forced to wear a hoodie in order to cover up in a school where nobody cared about the bra strap. This is one small story amongst many who wish to have a change in the current dress code. 


1. Students can only be dress coded by a faculty member of the same gender

2. We aren't pulled from class - especially exams - due to a broken dress code, unless in Moreno inappropriate cases (For example, boys not wearing their shirts, people dressed in only their bathing suits, etc.)

3. Exposed sides in muscle shirts be permitted

4. Off the shoulder tops, and tops that expose bra straps be permitted (Note: This does not mean women can show off their bra cups, need to keep it PG)

5. Minor crop tops allowed, only 1-2 inches of skin permitted. 

6. Shorts, skirts, and dresses do not have to be recognized as acceptable at arms length. No butts exposed. 



PLEASE REMEMBER THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE GET TO DRESS LIKE IT'S HALLOWEEN. IF IT'S INNAPROPRIATE, DON'T WEAR IT. Dress respectfully, and remember if this petition goes through, we have made a ton of progress already. Don't push it by showing off unmentionable body parts. 


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