Mahurangi College: Let us bring outside partners to the 2018 ball

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Let’s get straight to the point. Mahurangi College in the past has rejected us from wanting to bring outside of school partners which ultimately restricts those who would want to share an important milestone in a teen’s high school experience with a non-mahu person. It is understandable that the school has a responsibility to ensure students enjoy the night safely and maintain a high reputation. However, other school’s around Auckland have proved how you can successfully pull off a safe ball with partners from other schools. 

Instead of imposing restrictions to who we choose to bring along to our ball, we can follow a guideline about choosing our partners. Proposed conditions could potentially be:

  1. Partners must be the age equivalent of a year 12 or 13 student
  2. Partners are required to read through the rules and regulations of the school which apply to school events. 
  3. They must undergo through the same security checks  as the student attending the college. 
  4. If the partner is under 18, parental consent must be given. This could be done through application forms which other schools use to allow students to bring outside partners. 

Dont restrict us. Let us bring our partners who attend other schools too. Please sign the petition to show the love and to help make the ball extra special for the students at mahurangi college  ❤️