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WE want Brendan Lundell back!

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Petition to get Brendan Lundell back in school at Mahtomedi High School.

We all make mistakes. One mistake does not get to decide if we are a bad person. Brendan Lundell is a comedian with a big heart. He is the guy who you can always trust to put a smile on people’s faces. Time, and time again he has taken time out of his lunch to talk with Molly Thompson, a 9th grade student with down syndrome, and he always leaves a smile on her face
On wednesday night you can find Brendan in pier 7 at Saint Andrew's Lutheran Church talking with middle school confirmation kids, helping new kids meet others, talking to piers or teaching them games, or singing in the high school choir at the church. On thursday mournings you can find him at bible study joking around and giving great insight. He is also a peer minister. Peer ministry is a program based on being their for others in hard times and welcoming new people. Brendan excels at these things. He is an amazing leader not just at church and school, but everywhere he goes.
Brendan might be a jokester, but he jokes out of love and never to be mean or hurt anyone. His only intent is to make people smile. Like everyone Brendan has made a mistake. The mahtomedi school board ruled to have him expelled until January 2018. The offense was made a month ago. If you think this is too much please sign. If you think he should be a mahtomedi student sooner please sign. If you want Brendan Lundall in the hallways of Mahtomedi High School as soon as possible please sign.

*parents in support of Brendan Lundell coming back should email the school administration


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