Keep Level III Sex Offenders Out of Mahtomedi

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As you may have recently heard, a Level 3 sex offender is attempting to move into Birchwood when he is released from Stillwater prison on November 30.  A Level 3 sex offender is one that is "the highest risk to re-offend" (Minnesota Department of Corrections).

This offender has a horrifying criminal record against little girls.  He was convicted of criminal sexual assault on a 13 year old girl and a 12 year old girl. Since being released from prison in 2010, he has violated parole multiple times.

Following the model of several other cities in the state, the city of Birchwood is hastily working to pass an ordinance preventing Level 3 sex offender’s from residing near parks and other places that children congregate.  If passed, this ordinance may prevent this individual from moving into the proposed Birchwood residence. 

Here’s the bad news.  This Level 3 offender reportedly has a family member who lives in  Mahtomedi, and there is a good chance that if Birchwood is successful in preventing him from residing there, Mahtomedi may be the next city on his list.  Mahtomedi MUST pass a similar ordinance immediately. 

The community members of Mahtomedi want our local government to pass an ordinance, effective immediately, that would prohibit Level 3 sex offenders from residing a certain distance from parks, schools, daycares, bus stops, and other places where children regularly congregate. Other Minnesota cities have passed such ordinances. 

Please sign this petition to support the immediate passage of an ordinance of this nature.  Please sign to support the safety of our children and their right to live in a community safe from Level 3 sex offenders.   

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