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The state of Ohio recently announced High school football can have a season. While we are blessed and grateful to have a season, the excitement has been short-lived for cheerleaders in the Mahoning Valley athletic conference. These schools include Mineral Ridge, Jackson Milton, Waterloo, McDonald, Springfield, Western Reserve, Sebring and Lowellville. It has been decided the cheerleaders in this conference will not go to away games and will only have three home games to cheer at! How is that even fair and we are asking for you help! 

Cheerleaders have been practicing since June just like all the other athletes in the Mahoning  valley athletic conference. How is it fair for you to say soccer, football, cross country, volleyball and golf you get a season but cheerleaders you get three games?  The amount of commitment, time, energy that these cheerleaders put into their craft is undescribable and they deserve to be there to cheer on the football players at away games. These football players aren’t even going to have a student section there to cheer them on and you are not even letting cheerleaders go to be there to support them! They are part of that team, they are part of Friday night lights!!

We are asking you to sign so the decision can be reversed so cheerleaders can go to away games.   Even if it’s only eight cheerleaders like other local schools are sending to their away games! Give them the opportunity to be there to cheer on their classmates.  Cheerleaders can actually social distance and wear a mask the entire game. How is it fair that they are not rated as equal as everybody else? Cheerleading is not in the State mandate that says band cannot go to away games!  They are NOT PART OF BAND, cheerleading is it’s own sport. How would you feel if somebody told your kid we’re sorry you’ve practiced just like everybody else and you’ve participated just like everyone else and even had to try out to make the team but you can only get half of the events because other people made the decision for you. We are asking the Mahoning Valley athletic conference to allow cheerleaders even if It’s reduced number to attend away games! These kids especially senior cheerleaders,  have already lost and will continue to lose milestones this year, the least you can do is keep them as equal as their classmates and other activities and allow them to participate. If transportation is an issue then allow the parents to work that issue out And take them! Cheerleaders deserve the same recognition they’ve been working hard so please reverse your decision and allow them to go! We don’t know what seniors are going to get this year and everybody deserves their moment in the spotlight. How could it be fair when their friends in other conferences can go and cheer but they can’t?? Do the right thing for them especially the senior class of 2021. We ask every parent, football player and student from these schools to sign and support these cheerleaders. Thank you. And these cheerleaders thank you!!