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Mahoning County: Help save and restore the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company Homes

This last functioning remnant of the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company, one of Americas MAJOR players in the industrial revolution, is a testament to the innovation, engineering and dominance of America during this time period. It is an endangered National Historic Site and needs to be saved

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We need your help to find funding to save and restore the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company Homes in Campbell Ohio. This last remaining functioning remnant of the once great Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company is a testament to American technology, innovation and dominance during the industrial revolution.

Made of solid concrete and almost identical in size to the Roman Coliseum this site is a monumental piece of American History. The currently endangered National Historic site is listed for its unique construction and uniform facades but also qualifies as the world's first modern apartment complex.

We need your assistance to help find funding to save this incredible national historic site that still to this say houses residents and can again house working class Americans in new modern homes while not sacrificing the uniform facades or original look and feel of the site.

Please help us in our quest to save this great piece of American History.

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