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Rumors about the show Naamkarann being pulled off-air have been making the rounds for quite some time now, which has left fans feeling uncertain. Although there has been no official confirmation, fans of the show would like to request the channel as well as the production house to reconsider, if such a decision has been taken. The reasons for doing so are highlighted below.

Naamkarann is one of the most beautiful and iconic shows to have been telecast on Indian Television. Everything, from the depiction of the characters to the cinematography, is perfect. It is a unique show which shows that men and women are equal and no matter the gender, you can be equally proficient in self-defence like karate. Additionally, it has broken several stereotypes through the characters. For example, Neil defied the stereotype and showed that accepting people for who they are is what love is. Neela Ma too changed the image perceived by audiences of a stepmother and showed that family isn’t always about blood relations and that it extends to people who accept you for who you are and will love you regardless. Avni is fighting the stigma associated with being an illegitimate child, hence becoming an inspiration for many. We have even seen inspiring stories within our fandom where some want to adopt, or some are okay with their child born out of wedlock to be as he/she is.

This show has garnered thousands of viewers over the past year due to its unwavering adhesion to the true portrayal of “Nayi Soch”. The leads of the show, Zain Imam and Aditi Rathore, have depicted the characters of Neil and Avni with perfection. It is hard to find a show like Naamkarann with such talented actors. This show has been in the top 20 for the past year and is currently in the top 15 shows based on the BARC ratings. In addition, it has always been one of the top 3 shows in the UK, one of the top 2 shows on Hotstar as well as one of the top shows in terms of online TRPs. Most importantly the TRP has been constantly increasing despite tough competition in the 9 PM Slot. It even managed to clinch the second spot within its slot despite minimal promotions. Naamkarann has also been dubbed in Malayalam and its popularity overseas can be seen in the form of fans from all over the world tuning in to watch the show - ranging from countries such as Pakistan all the way to America. Many of the fans outside of India don’t understand Hindi still continue to watch the show through subtitles. 

Namkarann still has a lot of potential with respect to its story and ability continue to inspire many. Creatively Naamkarann still has so much to explore and we are sure that our creative team will come up with some more well written tracks in the future. The story is yet to be explored in so many ways, and if given the right direction it will surely do wonders.We are unsure if other shows would do as much justice to the tagline of “Nayi Soch” as Naamkarann does. The 9PM slot is for Naamkarann and we request that it remains that way. If it is totally impossible as deemed fit please change time slot to another prime time slot. Kindly do not axe it.

We are deeply attached to the show and this petition is to show the love we have for the show. We hope that our voices and opinions would be considered before any final decision is made. Thank you.