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Relocate the APAC Asphalt plant, the Southern Star Concrete Plant and the Redi Mix Concrete Plant located on Highway 121 in Frisco.

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We, the petitioners are asking the Mayor and Frisco City Council Members to relocate the APAC Asphalt plant along with the Southern Star and Redi Mix Concrete Mixing Plants located on Highway 121 in Frisco.  These plants are located less than a mile from multiple public schools including Isbell Elementary School and Vanderventer Junior High School.  The plants are less than 2 miles from an additional 5 public schools including Curtsinger Elementary School, Taylor Elementary School, McSpedden Elementary School, Liberty High School and Centennial High School.  They are also located within a mile or two of more than 1500 homes, along with numerous churches, preschools, daycares and businesses.  The number of homes and businesses in this area are steadily increasing.    Petition Background: Both concrete and asphalt mixing plants have well documented, known health hazards including; breathing problems, headaches, reduced appetite, throat and eye irritation, cough, and increased risk of cancers.  There is also a risk of fire and explosion, something we've seen a lot of in the news recently.   Children, particularly younger children, are uniquely at risk from environmental hazards. They eat, drink and breathe more in proportion to their body size than adults.  In addition, environmental contaminants may affect children disproportionately because their immune, respiratory and other systems are not fully developed, and their growing organs are more easily harmed. This means they are more at risk for exposure to harmful chemicals found outside where they play and in the environment where they spend most of their time – school and home  (See government documented references below).    The City of Frisco built multiple schools and neighborhoods without having any plan in place to move these plants.  There are clear EPA guidelines which outline the importance of considering environmental factors when building schools.  These guidelines clearly recommend avoiding school locations that are in very close proximity to pollution sources, especially collections of multiple sources such as these three plants.  These plants operate during school hours, often filling our children's playgrounds and practice fields with concrete and asphalt dust, along with the horrible smell of asphalt.   In summary, these three plants are not only a public nuisance emitting terrible odors, dust, air and noise pollution, but they are also a health hazard for everyone in the area, especially our children.  Parents, communities along with education, environment, and health agencies all share in the vital responsibility of protecting the health of children in every possible way. This includes protecting them from environmental risks where they go to school.  As the City of Frisco continues to grow, this pollution problem near our schools will continue to be an issue and will keep resurfacing, gaining more momentum from the community and media outlets.  We are asking the Mayor and City Council Members of Frisco, Texas to do the right thing by our children today and make their health and well-being a priority by finding a new home for these plants.   References:
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