Reducing Congestion & improving life around Bellandur & surrounding areas in Bengaluru

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Dated : 25th Sep 2018

Mr Mahendra Jain,

Additional Chief Secretary to Government,
Urban Development Department,
Room No.436, Vikasa Soudha,


Ph : 22253958; 22035075

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1. Sri. G. Parameshwara,

Minister : Bengaluru Development & Town Planning,

Ph : 22257285

2. BDA Commisioner

3. BBMP Commisioner

Dear All,

Sub: Reducing congestion and Commercial Construction in Bellandur, Pincode 560103.

We are a very large group of residents, commuters and employees who live & work in various buildings, flats and homes in & around Bellandur and neighbouring buildings. We are almost 250,000 people residing in this small area. Lately our commute time & quality of life at home has become unbearable due to increase in vehicles and air pollution in and around our homes. We have paid very high prices and rents for these homes with all our life’s savings and are suffering abominably.

Adjoining Adarsh Palm Retreat compound is RMZ Ecoworld, a colossal architectural form, covering nearly 78 acres of land with 12 million sqft development of commercial office space, catering to both SEZ and Non SEZ entities. 75,000 people in 23 office towers (each with 03 level parking area) with 50 retail and dining outlets that are open to the public of the city, has added significantly to the traffic mess on the road that connects our residential community to the city of Bengaluru, via the ORR. This is a single, arterial 40 feet wide road; and just cannot take the current load of vehicular traffic that passes on it, each day. This intersection incidentally, feeds into the EcoSpace junction on the ORR, that has become well known for the nightmarish traffic congestions that block the entire ORR for miles together.

To our dismay, we find that in addition to this humongous commercial structure that has come up right next to our compound, two huge 15+7=22 acres plot adjoining our homes, has been purchased by RMZ and is going to have multiple new commercial constructions on it. Named as Ecoworld 20/21 and Ecoworld 30/31/32, these 05 Towers Total built up area is expected to be 3.3 million sqft, with Ground plus 10 floors and 3 levels of car parking area expected to be built.

This additional planned commercial construction is definitely going to add to the choked chaos and mess that is enveloping all of us on a daily basis : our roads, water supply, electric and other infrastructure cannot support it. Plus we are already suffering from air pollution with many children and adults needing special medicines and lung medicines & breathing aids. We are unable to move out of our homes to commute to our schools, offices and cater to our daily living needs, as the traffic congestion brings everything to a standstill.

Example 2 of new buildings that are coming up : Two buildings near Intel, Eco Ecworld Saffon Square Location,77.6837759,18z

Example 3: New construction in Cessna Business Park, Sarjapur - Marathahalli Outer Ring Road, Post, Kadubeesanahalli, Bellandur, (approx location )

Even if metro, more buses come up, it will just ease current problems, not have capacity for future buildings. Even now metro is full during 3-4 hours of the day. To solve the problem city wide we need laws on congestion to be implemented all over our cities.

We urgently request you to kindly put a stop to this monstrous mess and stop these current projects and repurpose the use of this land, in a planned and sustainable manner.

We also ask you to have meetings with RWAs and implement existing laws on congestion, road carrying capacity and the need to cap new construction on areas where traffic is slower than 5 minutes a km during peak hours by bus/ shared car.

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Thank you and hoping for speedy action to our request,



Residents, Home owners and People who work in this area.