Reduce Maharashtra State Board Syllabus

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The students are facing very critical problems regarding to forthcoming board examination for Maharashtra State Board 'HSC' and 'SSC'. Since there is no physical contact between students and teachers, many problems is arising. Even Some of students didn't studied anything yet, the reason is they do not own smartphones. Education is most important thing but It is not getting importance as it should be. If we see there are TOTAL 62 Chapters in the textbooks of 'Science Stream' (PCMB). How can you expect to learn everyone as autodidact ?. That's good you have already reduced 25 % syllabus. (Out of which most are 'Introduction' topics. :) ). We understand that our syllabus is prepared on the basis of National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and State Curriculum Framework (SCF), and it should be strictly followed. Also we want OFFLINE Education. Technology has been developed very much but due to technical problems, you have to say GoodBye to 'Understanding'.

You have thought that It's only one year. What will be happening if we even take exam on the basis of ONLINE EDUCATION. But remember its nearly 12 Lakh Students

Also there is no physical practicles going on. India need to be good  in R & D sector. But by this situation you can not even think about it.


We are there students and its our right to put our voice. Now your turn to think about it. You can reduce more syllabus, also can prospond the Exam or can Cancel the exam, Whatever you are going to do, it should be acceptable by everyone.