Marks be given to HSC students in chemistry for the wrong questions even if not attempted.

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As we know, HSC Science students of state board appeared for their Chemistry paper on 28th February 2018. But, the question paper had 4 to 5 questions which were wrong, misprinted and out of the HSC syllabus. The Board has declared a bonus of 7 marks only for the students who had " Attempted " those questions. But it is totally unfair for the students who have not attempted the questions since they had never heard of it! The Boards cuts marks for cancellations and untidy papers, so why will students unnecessarily attempt the questions they have never heard of to result in their marks being cut? I have myself appeared for the chemistry paper and found it extremely difficult to cope with the out of syllabus questions. Besides, if a person knows that question is not something he/she has ever learnt about then why will they attempt it in the first place? Students wouldn't know it is a question which is not in the syllabus itself since they believe that the question papers from Boards are finalized after proof reading. Why should rest of the students suffer due to the errors and mistakes of the Board? There are many students who tried solving the questions in rough but didn't get the answer so they did not write it in the main answer paper. This would be absolutely unfair if all the students don't get the bonus 7 mrks for the mistake made by Boards itself. Everyone stands a chance to get these marks because the Boards is responsible for this mistake.