Maharashtra Universities should cancel Examinations of Final year students

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We are in the middle of a world health crisis. All the health workers and Police are doing everything possible to save lives everyday. They are endangering themselves so that we remain safe. Thousands of people are losing their lives everyday and the vice chancellors of state universities, directors of state common entrance test (CET) cell and Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) are worried about conducting "EXAMS". Final year students will have to bear the  extra brunt of this situation as they will be graduating straight into recession. People will lose their jobs , companies will resort to salary cuts, companies will hire fewer students. And all you are concerned about is "EXAMS". Of all the current students, final year students have given the maximum number of exams. If anyone deserves a semester without examination it is 'US'.
If you find the answer of all of the following as 'yes' then go ahead with the examinations:
1) Are Final year students 100% immune to corona?
2) Are you sure that we wont be hit by recession?
3) Will you be safely able to guarantee the safety of students who traveled to their native places when they will come to give the exams
4) Will you be able to assure that this wont cause rapid spread of the corona virus among students?
5) Will you take care of the medical expenses if they get affected by covid19 during exams? Moreover do you guarantee their lives?
6)Is this exam really worth the risk?

What is the point of giving exams and risking our lives when recession is going to reduce the value of that certificate?