Reduce MIT fee for online classes

Reduce MIT fee for online classes

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In the midst of global pandemic a lot of students have many things to worry about, and unreasonable avoidable fees should not be one of them. Our college MIT (or any other college for that matter) that is conducting classes online only for the foreseeable future should not be charging fees other than tuition fee. 
We believe that the following fees should not be charged from students for the duration of online classes because we are not using any these facilities.

  1. electricity fee
  2. lab fee
  3. library fee
  4. activity fee
  5. excursion fee
  6. sports fee
  7. workshop fee
  8. and other similar costs.

We are not demanding any extensions on these fees, instead we believe there is no need to pay most of these costs.

We are open to dialogue and discuss our concerns. We are also willing to understand college’s situation and work for the best possible solution.