Unmask biased Merit Saviour and Protest for SEBC category's right

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There is need of SEBC reservation, as this community is educationally backward. Only Student of SEBC category took admission who passed the eligibility criteria, so they are also #Deserving candidates. So, #DeservedOrReserved hashtag doesn't sense anything. We observed there are many miscreants who are talking against only SEBC reservation. They used #MurderOfMerit hashtag for their moment, but filed case only against SEBC reservation. If they truly want non biased education, then they had to file case against whole reservation. Before this 16% SEBC reservation Maharashtra has 52% reservation for many casts/categories, then these people didn't protest against that reservation, but only now they woke up and protesting. Isn't it a hypocrisy?
Yes, we are #MurdererOFMerit but who made us that. This system with whom we struggled for our right since long time.
We hereby declare that, we will support their moment and will front their campaign, only when they will take back their case against SEBC reservation and file a case against whole reservation for PG seats.
So sign this petition, if you support us/our stand.