Fair treatment and rights to pagadi property owners

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There are lot of pagadi system properties in Mumbai which are now 80+ years old and landlords are now using BMC to get these buildings vacated using section 354. All the rules are in landlords favor and pagadi property holders end up getting an unfair deal. People who cannot afford rents in city like Mumbai are suffering tremendously.


1) All the pagadi property holders after 1975 or 1980 have paid hefty amounts to purchase property and 33% amount to landlord for transfer. Hence they should be treated as property holders of the said flat/room rather than tenant. However land ownership may remain with landlord.

2) These pagadi property holders should be allowed to register property with MCGM after paying some charges  and they should be allowed to sell it to anyone after a premium is paid to landlord. As of now landlords are not allowing these properties to be sold to anyone. Government may charge 1% stamp duty on transaction of property after initial registration. This will reduce black money circulation in such transactions.

3) If section 354 is used to vacate property immediate arrangement should be made by MCGM to house them nearby or at same location till new building is constructed.

4)  Securing permissions to repair building should be an easy process and incase of ground plus one structure no approval should be required.

5) There should be provisions to demolish unrepairable portion of building to make remaining structure safe. Affected parties in demolished structure should be housed temporarily in existing plot by  approving temporary construction on vacant area of land. Incase vacant area is not there MCGM should facilitate accommodation of the affected people.

6) Laws should ensure pagadi property owners get fair deal during redevelopment.

Above is an initial proposal and may be amended if required based in feedback from other pagadi property owners