Save a Mother from being shot dead.

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The Supremes Court has dismissed the petition of Earth Brigade Foundation to overturn the order of shooting a "man-eater" tigress in Maharashtra. 

The Maharashtra Forest Department has claimed that the Tigerss T1 along with her cubs has eaten 60% of the corpses and thus is a "man-eater". However , this thing should be noted that even the NTCA protocols states that 'Human encounter with an animal and subsequently being eaten by animal (low prey base) is not sufficient to declare an animal Man-eater' 

What needs to be understood here is that the rampant human encroachment and illegal domestic grazing by populations living along the periphery or in the buffer zone , is the main couse of problem. The regulations should be impounded upon the people to not meddle with the habitat of the wild animal. 

The shoot at sight order issued against the tigress for merely following her natural instincts is gravely wrong. The pressure upon her habitat and the disturbances caused to her natural environment while subsequently depleting the prey base is a mistake committed on the part of humans.

I request you to please sign this petition so that it reaches the concerned department . The instincts of a mother to take care of her cubs and bring them food is costing her life.