Stop noise pollution by schools situated in residential areas

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The use of loudspeakers and PA systems by institutions such as schools that are situated in and around residential areas is a source of constant nuisance to the residents of these areas.

It is ironical that places of education are instrumental in teaching indifference to their own students through a selfish and careless attitude towards their neighbours. An area of 100 sq. mts. around a school/hospital is designated as a Silence Zone, then it is even more strange that these schools themselves become a source of noise pollution! This lack of civic responsibility is appalling and must be stopped.

An institution that is situated within a residential area must be made to realise that it cannot create a nuisance in the neighbourhood. As in the school, children in the residential areas also have to study for their exams. Sick, old people/senior citizens,  expecting mothers, residential offices need peace and quiet. People do not pay hard earned money to buy a house, to be disturbed by an unruly neighbour. 

Schools are free to celebrate their sports days, annual days, games and other regular activities in the open areas. In fact, the present education system puts immense performance pressure on children, and I wholeheartedly welcome schools that encourage outdoor activities as part of their daily curricula. It is heartening to  see children in the playgrounds engaging in physical activities. This petition is not against such activities.

I need your support for this petition as it is seeks to address a much larger issue of basic civic responsibility that an educational institution should be teaching its wards by setting an example. Help me to STOP the use of PA systems and loudspeakers by schools that are situated in residential areas.