To let the world know about a criminal that is incarcerated for a non-violent offense.

To let the world know about a criminal that is incarcerated for a non-violent offense.

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Anthony Thomas started this petition to Magistrate Judge Leda D. Wettre

Fuquan Cromwell had been incarcerated/ placed behind bars in Federal prison since 2020 for a non-violent offense!  This case have been going since July -2018.  Usa vs Fuquan Cromwell. 

Over 2,000 prisoners been home since 2020 released from New Jersey prison system  due to having Non- Violent offenses!  Fuquan Cromwell,  also was on an ankle Monitor while waiting trial for his non-violent offense. Mr. Cromwell, was doing well enough not to be violated while on the ankle monitor for Federal Supervision. Mr. Cromwell, was working a job that was making over $20 an hour.
Not to mention he never had a job in his life!!!! Not only was it a job, it was a warehouse that ship paint, and if I’m not mistaken Army supplies. 

HEMPEL: Fuquan Cromwell. Professional Tilte Warehouse (Manager).

As a global supplier, we use coatings that not only protect in the harshest of conditions. They provide industry-leading performance in fuel-saving and antifouling based on more than 100 years' experience in the marine industry.

So, if you ask me I believe that’s not enough grounds for this man to stay behind bars while his family suffers not having a male/Father figure that our communities suffer from already for decades.

Even though it may seem like it, but this is not a letter to disrespect anyone, or any Peace Official/Law enforcement! This letter is not to say The State Of New Jersey, don’t do THIER job. Because that’s not true at all! We love our City of Newark, and our State of New Jersey!  We just want the proper sanction for the allegations at hand please. This is not something to start a riot or cause conflict between each other. Which can happen without the correct guidance around us all.

And for those who is backing this petition. We believe that due to all the Situations at hand in our great country is currently in! Maybe, someone made an honest mistake. We don’t know yet because Fuquan Cromwell is behind bars trying to stay free of Covid-19. With what little space he has in prison! Mr. Cromwell, have an 18 year old daughter, 13 year old Son. Federal Prison or any institution that’s takes anyway your freedom should not be holding Mr. Cromwell at all for any longer due to the nature of the allegations of the offense.  Thank (GOD) for helping us gather enough courage to learn, and assist our friend-brother back into the community he was birth in. So, that he may continue to help Lovehelps-Inc. Feed, clothe, and assist the homeless with their covid-19 endeavors.  Mr. Cromwell, was with us at the round table when we begin this legal journey of understanding business. 

So, we both decided to start a Non- Profit Organization to assist the community. Mr. Cromwell idea was Friends Club.  It was supposed to do everything Lovehelps-Inc does, but so much more! We really feel deep concern for his Lonley 18 year old daughter and 13 year old son. Not to mention his hard working (Wife). Who works for an Goverment/State job. Mr, Cromwell had a lot of great people around him because he was and still is a great man that made mistakes, and I’m pretty sure he learned from this one. Just like any other human on this planet. When gone through so much at once, (GOD) force you to change! I know because I’m apart of that journey that (GOD) created for us all! 
These are tender years for both of them. Why is it that the father who was being a father before all this happened and while all this happened. Not to many men in Newark New Jersey have a resume of being a good father. If we do wanna check, you will see outside of the negative offense at hand, he is an awesome spirit! We pray to the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit that Mr. Cromwell return safe and sound and one piece with out no covid-19 issues like when he entered the 

Our great State Of New Jersey released over 2,000 prisoners for non-violent offenses. During the covid-19 response! What a great deed Governor Murphy and the surrounding Governors, Mayors, around the Tri-State area‼️  We are sure that nothing can stop the Truth.
(The Bible says Ephesians 6-12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood! But against principalities, powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places! ) 

We will not allow any negative energy to enter nor exscape the Glory/Hands of (GOD)‼️

First and foremost thank you for taking your time to listen State Of New Jersey/ Governor Murphy. ‼️

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!