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Started by Khanyisa Nqeketo


Justice must be served to the diffenceless women of this country.Zusipe Mtati conquered the rape and she is the one at who is found guilty.

On Friday the 30th of October a girl whose name is mentioned above was invited by a guy to eDE NADA Tarven.

Midnight the girl and this guy left to the guys house as it was late for safety reasons she thought.

The guy tried to force himself into her, and the girl fought back unlucky because she is a woman she doesn't have power and strength..she got a broken arm and bruises on the faces.

FORTUNATELY for the girl she managed to grab a knife and stabbed him one wound and tried to escape but the guy managed to wake as he was trying to get hold of the spade to attack the girl, the girl returned to him and stabbed him once again as she was in danger.She stabbed him to death.

She escaped and conquered rape. She then turned herself in to the nearest police station.She is now out with a free bail. She will appeal to court as she have a murder case.

Am woman and I see her innocent and I encourage what she has done not most women conquers rape and she did.There are numerous cases of GenderBaseViolence i highly hope justice will be served as i see a self defence case.


3,220 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!