Trade Lebron James

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Lebron is a great basketball player.. I mean GREAT

Almost as great as Kobe...

He'll instantly sell tickets and make any team he's on better..

Unless he attempts a hostile takeover and tries to literally trade the entire team.

I don't think the Lakers would've made the playoffs this year without Lebron James. But they sure AF don't look like their going to make it with him, and it's HIS fault.

But with our core talent, I was willing to trust the process and make the playoffs 2-3 year from now.

Since Lebron's failed hostile takeover attempt, the team feels broken and I think the only way to get our identity back is to trade the cancer(sorry LBJ, it is you).

Also the non-stop LBJ coverage is making me HATE my beloved team. 

Think about it...even if he got AD we would've had no one chance to rebuild the team after LBJ retired..and AD would've been worse off than he was in New Orleans. Remember what LBJ left for Chris Bosh in Miami...or Kevin Love in Cleveland?

So let's trade him...think of the assets we'll get. And we may be able to land AD in 2 years anyway.

Imagine Lonzo being allowed to actually BE a point guard...BI gets to handle the ball...Kuz gets to handle the ball, and AD takes ALLLL the attention away.

Could be for our Chicago