Athletic Bottoms for Ramsey Student Employee Uniform

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Athletic Bottoms for Ramsey Student Employee Uniform

Objective Statement: It would be more comfortable and functional for student employees of the Ramsey Student Center to be allowed to wear black athletic bottoms as part of our uniform.

Since the merger of the “Facility Operations” and “Strength and Conditioning” departments at the Ramsey Student Center student employee morale has been on the decline, exemplified by our dwindling number of staff and lack of sufficient coverage on shifts. However, one change that will be sure to improve employee morale and make Ramsey a more comfortable and functional work environment would be allowing staff to wear black athletic bottoms as part of our uniform. Student employee duties require us to clean various pieces of equipment which can be difficult or uncomfortable in our traditional uniform of khakis or black pants. These types of pants are stained or dirtied very easily from this and the material with which khakis and black pants are made from is far more restricting and uncomfortable than athletic wear. In addition, we are required to spot patrons in various exercises which in our current uniform can be quite restricting, especially on squats. Furthermore, these situations are exacerbated for facility managers who are required to do more than a facility staff member. I have personally had pants torn or contain holes and noticed various stains from the disparate set-ups we are required to do, and I am sure that I am not the only facility manger to have this happen to them.

However, I am also aware of the arguments against athletic attire and feel as though I can sufficiently address them. Such as, “athletic pants would be unprofessional or would not be appropriate” when, the Ramsey Student Center is the most appropriate place to wear athletic attire. I feel as though requiring everyone to wear black athletic bottoms helps with uniformity while also providing student employees the comfortability to better do our jobs. Moreover, patrons are not allowed to exercise in the very uniform that we are required to wear. Another argument against this modification in our uniform is that “we [staff] would be hard to identify”. Yet our current uniform of either a red shirt that largely states “STAFF” or black shirt that states “MANAGER” sufficiently denotes us as student employees. Additionally, our nametags and walkie talkies serve as other identifiers that we are employees and not patrons.

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