Ban real human corpse exhibition – Return our pure New Zealand

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We raise serious concern over the unethical nature of The Body worlds Vitals, currently on display in Auckland’s Hilton Exhibition Centre. This is especially alarming in the light of Auckland schools taking children on excursions to see the display of 150 corpses and specimens. Is this display appropriate for children as young as 4?

We urge an immediate shut down of the exhibition and a thorough investigation into any breaches of the New Zealand’s legislative and/ or legal guidelines associated with such a macabre display.

Other aspects of our concern:

In the Spiritual Perspective -  Humans are made of God's image, regardless what religions you preserve or believe, there is a general acceptance across all cultures that the human body is sacred and shall be treated with respect.  

Morally & Ethically Wrong -   Exploiting human remains for greed and monetary gains. This is degrading human dignity.

Using dead bodies for entertainment purposes is pure evil!   A lot of supporters point out to be the scientific benefit of these body exhibitions. It should be noted that Gunther of the " Body Vital' exhibits started these as an art exhibit. It appears that marketing them as a science exhibit has allowed these exhibits to reach more places and earn more money. Our little tamariki (children) were targeted as well.

The " entertainment" aspect thrown into these exhibits such as a fully skinned complete corpse holding his skin, rugby player, Gymnastic poses .... etc.                   

The Credibility and Dark History of the Exhibitor-‘The Body World Vital " claim that all the cadavers and human specimens on display are legitimate and all were donated from donors.  Let's have a look at the investigations the other international media have to say.                                 

'Dr Death' Gunther Von Hagens to sell his plastinated body parts on the net... buy a WHOLE corpse for £62,000. ( from Daily mail UK, click link for full article ).                 'In Dalian (south of Liaoning Province, China) alone – one of his three factories of the dead in which he prepares cadavers and organs for eternity – the last general inventory on November 12, 2004 included some 647 complete corpses. A further 3,909 body parts such as legs, hands or penises were listed separately, while 182 foetuses, embryos and new-borns were catalogued with serial number, height, age and sex. And, as with the spare parts on the shelves of a car recycling company, any defects pertaining to the human goods in the tanks and freezers of his Chinese branch are registered: "skull open", or "neck broken".' Stated from Der Spiegel Magazine

‘The controversial German anatomist Gunther von Hagens last night agreed to return seven corpses to China after admitting that the bodies used in his exhibitions might have come from executed prisoners.’ From The Gardian

The Danger and Negative Impact

Social Impact

The exhibition could lead the country down a dangerous path. An exhibition like this would just be the beginning, if it proved popular which it has, it would open up a door for more of the same. There are already people wanting to build a dead body museum in NZ, whereas some others suggested that they would like to have a dead body theme park. What’s next…...?

The Horrific Negative Impact on the Youth

It dulls the sensibilities in regards to life. It may impact on our youth to have distorted psychology, such as desire of “death”.

Commodification of Human body

Commodification of the human body before birth, during adult life, and after death. It could create a black market for dead body trading. It is crossing over into some very scary territory.

Warning to Those Who Believe it is Scientific Benefit

This exhibition is an ‘entertainment’ show more or less. Computer programs now exist that can demonstrate all that this exhibit shows. Even if the consent of each subject were legitimate, the exhibit, outside of a graduate school-level environment does not rise to the level of benefit to humanity to warrant such treatment of the human body in death. While fascination to behold, it comes at a price!!!