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Maggiano's Little Italy: Stop Serving Cruelly Obtained Veal at Your Establishments!

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Veal is a meat product created by stealing new born calves from their mothers moments after they are born, and chaining them by the neck to a crate that is so small it allows for no movement whatsoever. These calves go through serious and intense abuse during their lives. They are not allowed to move and are fed a diet to make them anemic so that their muscles can’t develop and they stay white, since white meat is considered more appetizing than dark meat. Kept in confinement for the rest of their short lives, they develop ulcers, pneumonia, diarrhea and lameness. After three to eighteen weeks, they are loaded into a truck and taken to be slaughtered. As conscious consumers, animal activists, and compassionate people, we urge you to sign this petition. Supporting the veal industry is sending a message to animal agriculture that we are okay with fellow living beings being tortured for the sake of one meal. We cannot allow for this to continue!
Tweet @Maggianos and let them know you won't support this abuse! #maggianoslittletragedy.

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