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Stop mistreating and using real rabbits as props for Easter photos!

Animals should not be used for the purposes of human entertainment. Magenta Studio Photo is using real rabbits as props in their photos for an Easter promotion in all of their stores across Canada. They are not providing adequate care, housing, or nutrition to the bunnies. The bunnies do not even have litterboxes and are living in small cages surrounded by their own waste!

Rabbits are very intelligent, gentle, and loving animals and they need to live their lives outside of a cage. They need to be properly cared for and handled. They need love and affection. Bunnies are smart and each one has their own unique personality. Bunnies who end up spending most of their lives mistreated and locked in a cage end up with behvioural and social problems and this gives them a bad reputation.

It is disgusting that Magenta thinks that they can use and abuse animals for their own financial gain. They do this every year dispite attempts to get them to stop. We need to be a voice for these innocent bunnies. Stop exploiting rabbits!


*****PS The above photo is of my sweet bunny, Pancake. She is enjoying some grass and dandelions in my backyard. It is not a photo from Magenta or of one of their bunnies.*****

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