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Please Provide Young Audience Print Media Disclaimer for Digitally Enhanced Images

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I once heard my best friend's 8 year old sister complaining she was too fat. She was only 8 years old and a tiny thing!!!

Young people (especially girls) children, teenagers and young adults are all constantly being exposed to unrealistic imagery of models, celebrity icons and barbie dolls that have been digitally enhanced. It is completely unnatural and altered so far beyond the original image. This influences their perception of themselves and reality. It may result in low self esteem, poor body image, eating disorders, illness and even depression.

The pictures we see in magazines, billboards, catalogues, marketing and brands display a false ideal which is nearly impossible to achieve for most people. This creates severe anxiety and complex most especially in our young people. We have less focus on diversity and beauty as a holistic concept including all ethinicities, shapes and sizes, rather stereotyping a particular facial and body structure as being the ideal. 

I am asking people to sign this petition to include a disclaimer on all print material and branded media marketing to disclose an image that has been digitally altered in any way.

Ie: "Warning, this picture has been digitally enhanced. The image you see may or may not be an accurate representation of real life." 

If we can't stop the stereotypes and media creating this false imagery, at least we can help make people aware that it is not a true representation of the reality. I would personally prefer that we changed the rules of marketing campaigns, that 40% of models have to be from different ethnicities, 20% should be plus size, 20% should be a smaller height 20% should be taller height etc... This is just a generalised idea. Including transgender and any other groups I may have failed to mention here would also be preferable.

If you feel that this is important for the health of ourselves and our children please sign the petition and help spread the word.

Thank you sincerely.








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