MMSD: Create a Catalog of Middle School Curriculum and After School Programs

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We believe all children should have equal access to a quality education and a child's address should not be a factor in our community.

There are major differences between the academic and extra-curricular opportunities at our most affluent schools and those with higher rates of poverty and diversity.  i.e. Hamilton vs Sherman or Blackhawk etc.

Please implore the school district to answer two simple questions.

1. What courses are being offered at each middle school (with descriptions of courses)?

2. What after-school programs will be offered or have been offered this past year at each middle school (MSCR and any others if available)?

After 3 months of communication with the Director of Curriculum, an attorney and the chief of staff, the district refuses to provide adequate information regarding this request. 

Claim #1:  The district has no particular oversight concerning what is offered at each school and therefore they don't have the information available.

Claim #2:  Each school operates autonomously and therefore they will all look and feel different based on the school and the community that it serves (again Sherman vs. Hamilton). 

Claim #3:  The district operates in this manner because the community believes in this approach and supports it.

Unfortunately, there are many more opportunities for those living in our more affluent neighborhoods and contrary to what the district believes, the community does not support this.