Help KTS get Madison County IL Attention to put sexual predators behind bars

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KTS: Stop Sexual Assault and KTS Predator Hunters LLC are starting a petition to present to Madison County IL.


  • Madison County Refuses Any Evidence Brought To Their Attention.
  • They will not prosecute individuals not caught by police.

Other counties in IL have successfully worked with our organizations and brought justice to individuals that we presents cases and evidence to.

Throughout the country we are praised with the great work and evidence presented and have received numerous convictions.

Madison County refuses to work with KTS due to lack of knowledge or understanding how to work with a private organization.

With this petition we are hoping to get the attention of each police departments, states attorney, and prosecuting officers.

The excuse of “We cannot pursue charges with these individuals because the group catching these guys are not law enforcement” will not work.

We have proven this wrong, along with fellow surrounding counties.

If these individuals truly care about there communities they will proceed in helping put the predators presented by KTS behind bars.

Thank you for taking your time in checking out our petition and we will greatly appreciate every signature.

Please search “KTS: Stop Sexual Assault” to follow our progress in your community.