Madison County Sheriff, Sheriff John Mehr Needs to Resign: Here's the EVIDENCE!

Madison County Sheriff, Sheriff John Mehr Needs to Resign: Here's the EVIDENCE!

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When cities and state's, or countries super-fund policing and mass incarceration, guess what you get? You get policing and mass incarceration. The Jackson Madison County Jail is currently OVERCROWDED. Citizens are literally sleeping on the hard, concrete floor. Every year, in this nation, we spend a staggering 200 Billion Dollars on policing and mass incarceration, more than any country in the entire history of the world. Do you understand this??? You "get out" what you "put in". You get what you prioritize.

The grounds for the recall, as will be stated on the petition, are as follows: 

1. Sheriff Mehr exhibits lack of accountability and/or responsibility. The sheriff is on record as saying that the Madison County Commission was/is responsible for the governance of the Madison County Sheriff's Department's internal policy and procedures as it related to not one but two lawsuits concerning the department's employees being required to begin their shifts fifteen minutes early and end their shifts fifteen minutes late. Upon settling the lawsuit, the funding body of the county asked Sheriff Mehr what had been done to rectify this issue as this is potentially not the last lawsuit. Sheriff Mehr could not affirmatively answer that he has taken any action to prevent the recurrence of this issue. Sheriff Mehr went on to claim that this is the responsibility of the county commission and not himself. We would argue that all policy and procedures created by the sheriff are the responsibility of the sheriff. No other person or department has the ability to enforce internal policy or procedures enacted or required by the sheriff. 

2. Sheriff Mehr subjects Madison County taxpayers to costly lawsuits due to his ineffective leadership. We, as taxpayers, as well as those who are under his administration, find the hiring of the sheriff s wife, Michelle, in the position of Major to be without purpose. Additionally, the hiring of Michelle Mehr has created an atmosphere of low morale within the department as many employees would testify as being an overwhelming fact. We also can show the lack of leadership relating to internal promotions. We also contend that the sheriff has failed to lead the Madison County Jail staff effectively. We feel that the conditions within the criminal justice complex could be better with the resources already at the disposal of the sheriff. We feel that the conditions of the jail have also been allowed to deteriorate at an accelerated rate to fulfill the sheriff's personal agenda in building a new facility or an addition to the existing facility. We have not been able to find evidence of the State of Tennessee demanding that the sheriff build a new facility or risk the state government takeover of the existing facility, as the sheriff has claimed many times to his constituents and the press. 

3. Sheriff Mehr does not budget, or expend funds appropriately. The sheriff has consistently increased his budget to allegedly provide services unprecedented in previous administrations. Furthermore, Sheriff Mehr recently requested Madison County Commission remove approximately $50,000 from one budget item only to then request even more money be placed in the same budgeted line item. The sheriff has also been known to transfer budgeted funds from certain line items mandated to be paid by us local taxpayers, and then request more money in that same line item due to the fact that he knew that, by law, we must pay for those particular services (i.e. healthcare for inmates, food services for inmates, etc). Sheriff Mehr continues to have an insensible, obtuse mindset as it relates to funding, budgeting, and effectively stewarding taxpayer's money. Based on evidence received from media outlets as well as meeting minutes, we feel that the sheriff is incapable of properly budgeting funds for his department and has grossly spent taxpayer funds on items not necessary to the daily operation of his department. We would further contend that this spending could potentially raise to the level of frivolous. 

4. Sheriff Mehr does not have the confidence of his constituents. Exorbitant lawsuits, mismanagement of funds, and lack of credible administration within the Madison County Sheriff's Department has caused Sheriff Mehr to lose the confidence of not only his constituents but also the confidence of other elected officials, the governing body of the Sheriff's department, and the employees under his supervision. Additionally, constituents have no confidence in Sheriff  Mehr's ability to work effectively with our judicial system and other elected officials and their departments.

5. Sheriff Mehr is unable to seek competitive bids for professional services. While we recognize their is no law in place for this, it would be logical that in spending taxpayer dollars for large items and contracts, the Sheriff would perform his due diligence in finding the least expensive of all services. Especially, as a recent example, the contract totaling upwards of 1. Million Dollars of taxpayers funds on a medical contract. We, Sheriff Mehr's electors, believe the Sheriff should have performed his due diligence prior to agreeing on the current contracted service. We fear that other decisions would be made or has been made with such flagrant disregard for good stewardship of taxpayers funds that he shall not be allowed to continue in his capacity to further place the taxpayers of MAdsion County at undue risk.

6. Sheriff Mehr has failed to provide adequate training for all school resource officers. Again, this example of the lack of leadership and training further subjects the taxpayers of Madison County to potential lawsuits. We. Sheriff Mehr's constituents, have voiced concerns about school resource officers as their role relates to conflict resolution with no response from Sheriff Mehr on how to remediate these issues. We have also given full opportunity to allow the sheriff a time to acknowledge this very important need within our county, to no avail. In recent news conferences, the sheriff simply stated that his officers were not at fault and offered no further comment or consoled the general public with any policies or procedures in place to deal with school resource officers. The sheriff has yet to provide these officers with current, up to date training according to several of the school resource officers contacted. 

7. Sheriff Mehr's duplication of services within the sheriff's department. It is our belief that Sheriff Mehr has hired many individuals within his administration which are a duplication of services. This further increases the frivolous spending of taxpayer's money without abiding by the 1981 Financial Management Act. We would venture further to say that the duplication of services extends to the sheriff's own finance department, human resources department as well as the information technology department, attorneys, and others which are positions within the county already funded by taxpayers. 

8. Sheriff Mehr Has been less than truthful concerning the Law Enforcement Training Center. The sheriff was the theoretical architect behind creating a law enforcement training center and proclaimed to his constituents and the Madison County Commission that the training facility would at least be "revenue neutral" within two years. However, after almost FOUR years, and millions of dollars of taxpayers money, Sheriff Mehr's training center shows lessta huge deficit. Yet, the training center continues to advertise free training on social media, websites, and other marketing platforms. Further, Sheriff Mehr also stated that the training center would be operated and considered a separate entity from the sheriffs department. Our understanding is that now they are one in the same. As taxpayers, we do not feel it should be our responsibility to fund this training center with taxpayer funds without its intended purpose, as promised by Sheriff Mehr, being rrealized. Another unkempt promise was that a separate board or committee would oversee the operations of the training facility, not the sheriffs department. 

9. Sheriff Mehr should be responsible for reducing recidivism within our county jail. To date, many programs to do exactly this have been voided, avoided, or refused by Sheriff Mehr. We would venture here to say that programs needed to reduce recidivism within our jail have frankly been ignored, as our findings have been that the sheriff has not furthered any research, administered or sought the advice of anyone within our judicial system to begin any form of program to reduce recidivism. Instead he was the front running proponent of building a $50M+ jail to house inmates. Many local organizations are known to have reached out to the sheriff to offer their expertise and help with the programs, including known programs in other counties that have shown great acceptance and prosperity, obviously being ignored by the sheriff. 

10. Sheriff Mehr is malfeasance. According to recent news reports, backed by the statements of the Honorable Christie Little, Sheriff Mehr stated that he would not escort an ambulance holding a juvenile unless he was going to be reimbursed for the overtime it would require of his department. Later it was revealed that the juvenile had spent over an hour on the ambulance awaiting the dispute between the sheriff, judge, and City of Jackson chief of police to end. According to state statute, it is the responsibility of the sheriff to handle such matters. Rather, Sheriff Mehr chose to refuse to transport or even escort a prisoner in this case, unless and until Judge Little accepted the overtime responsibility. Further proving this case, the Sheriff then sent an overtime invoice to juvenile court services to be paid. (This invoice was actually personally handed to Juvenile Court Services Director, Amy Jones).The Juvenile was arrested by the MCSO within Jackson City Limits, but Sheriff Mehr refused services without a guarantee of payment from a department who works out of this same budget. Juvenile Services has a $600,000 budget. The MCSO has a 2.2 Million Dollar Budget.

11. Sheriff Mehr is incapable of hiring, retaining, and/or training new hires. Evidence can be presented by many within our county that will show the sheer lack of accountability. Some (even within his department) have complained that only certain deputies or employees are given the option.opportunity to work overtime. This will mean that a POST certified deputy hired and paid in the range of $30,000-$40,000 per year has been recognized by those of us who have received, through records requests, an amount exceeding $80,000 per year. There is no known policy or reasoning anyone can find for this administrative behavior; however this task has created low morale, divisiveness, distrust within the department, and other senses of personal insecurity by those who would be willing, but are not given the opportunity, to work overtime. Let it also be known that many deputies have inferred that the only way to receive overtime within the department is to be on the Majors good list. Reminder, the Major is Michelle Mehr, the Sheriffs wife. Using prior administration tactics as well as the employment of those departments in contiguous counties, we fell that the overtime that taxpayers have been subjected to and responsible for could have and should have been eliminated or greatly reduced by the Sheriff, long ago. A better administration, budget conscience person in this role would be able to utilize current budget funds to hire, train, and refrain officers at a better rate than is currently being reported. Nepotism as it relates to only allowing certain officers the opportunity to receive overtime should be investigated further. Using prior administration tactics as well as the employment records we feel that the overtime that taxpayers have been subjected to and eliminated or greatly reduced by the sheriff, long ago. A better administration would be able to utilize current budgeted funds to hire, train, and retain of reported. Nepotism as it relates to only allowing certain officers the investigated further. 

12. Sheriff Mehr has lost credibility within his constituency. Evidence from press reports and meeting minutes can be presented to show inconsistencies as well as false statements made by the Sheriff relating to lawsuits and other incidents under the Sheriff's direction.

13. Sheriff Mehr delusional budget strategy. Sheriff Mehr recently submitted a budget of $25M+ to county commissioners during the commission meeting to try to under-handedly pass a budget that was padded, and otherwise even proven to not even include benefits for employees and other missing data (as admitted by his budget director. also another duplication of service by the way). Another delusional thought process is the fact that he only has 14 days left in this fiscal budget year and has only expended 89.1% of the budget given by the county commission this past year ($22M+), when he insisted that it would cost his department over $25M in order to operate. Insane!

I'm a preacher, so sorry in advance to be super spiritual, but there was a scripture we talked about often, that say's, "where your money is, there your heart will be also." In other words, you prioritize what you budget. Your heart can be revealed in your budget. Dr. King said it another way, that "budget's are moral document's." 

The Madison County Financial Director Karen Bell said the county commissions feels THREATEN by a department that’s “hogging the budget”. Guess what department that is???

Sheriff Mehr needs to resign!

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