Save Huntsville Dragway

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Leave the County Noise Ordnance as it stand for the Huntsville Dragway. 

Huntsville Dragway has been at 502 Quarter Mountain Rd in Harvest Al since the 1950. The dragway was there prior to some homes and any sub-division that has been recently developed. The Dragway has never closed and is still operating even as of present day.

Huntsville Dragway also supply's jobs for individuals. The Dragway  even employs Madison County Offices for all race events for insure the safety of the spectators and racers.

The Dragway brings in revenue for Madison County and surrounding Counties. This allows the for growth within the county. 

The Dragway follows all rules and ordnance that was previous put into place. 

This petition was started to help save Huntsville dragway and to help keep dragracing off the streets and in a controlled environment. 

This petition was also started to show you the support that Huntsville Dragway has from the people.