Feel the beauty, help us keep the view!

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The View of the Capitol Building from Eno Vino Downtown, on the top floors of the AC Hotel, is threatened by the proposed American Exchange Development Project at 7-11 N. Pinckney St.  At its currently proposed height, the Development will block the view of the Capitol Building from the Restaurant Space, which is open for the public to enjoy. 

We are proud to have become a destination for countless guests from the Madison Area and across the country to visit and enjoy the landmark view.  Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Engagements, Weddings, and many other life events are celebrated with us regularly, with the illuminated view of the Capitol, that feels almost so close you can touch it, serving as the backdrop, and making these life events feel extra special.

Eno Vino is a locally owned business that has been serving the Madison community for 15 years.  We pride ourselves on offering one of the best dining experiences in Madison, and have been grateful that our guests have selected us as a Best of Madison Winner in several categories multiple times in Madison Magazine’s reader polls.

Through this petition, we want to address our concerns about the American Exchange Development Project.  We do not oppose this project, and we’re happy to see our city thrive and expand but we are humbly asking the City of Madison Common Council, Urban Design Commission, City Planning Commission, and responsible entities to consider reducing the height of the project so that guests, local or visiting the Madison Area, can continue to enjoy the magnificent view of the Capitol Building.

If this development proceeds at its current height, the stunning and unique view of the Capitol will be completely lost, and local and visiting guests hoping to take a picture with the Capitol in the background will have a glass office building with no public access as their backdrop instead.  We think the opportunity for the public to enjoy this birds-eye view of the Capitol shouldn’t be blocked for private use, but instead should remain a landmark for all to enjoy for years to come.

As are many other restaurants in the city and around the country, we are continuing to encounter a difficult path forward due to the pandemic. This path is filled with many obstacles that we are facing head-on to overcome, but losing the Capitol Building view because of this Development at its currently proposed height is a challenge we cannot take on ourselves alone.  Therefore, we are coming to you our friends, family, and loyal guests to help us.

We have also created a Facebook page where you can share pictures, stories, and memories lived at Eno Vino Downtown. Let's come together and share why this view is so special for the Madison community.