Cancellation of MP board 12th 2020 exams, students should be promoted because of COVID19

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Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education released the date sheet of pending 12th board examinations on May 21, 2020 and have cancelled the 10th board examination which were postponed on March 20th, 2020  due to the country wide lockdown in India because of COVID19 Pandemic. After 2 months today the MP board has decided to take the examinations from June 9, 2020 even after the danger has not been lessened. 

The cases of highly infectious novel Coronavirus are still increasing in Madhya Pradesh State and at least 10 to 20 Lakh student will be appearing for the exam. So many students crowding at a single place will increase the chances of students getting the novel Coronavirus. Many students’ examination centers are 10-15 kilometers away from their location and the public transport has not resumed because of the lockdown. Students are worried about their wellbeing as well as their future. There will be no future if they will be not well. Students carrying virus from other students during examination can also infect others in their house and surrounding after returning from examinations. 

The remaining exams can be evaluated by the scores of internal examination students gave during the whole year. 

We appeal to the government to make decision keeping the health of students and people in their family in the light, as there is not only 1 exam but more than 3 examinations for which students will be appearing. Hope the people will understand and sign this petition so that this serious issue will come into the light and responsible government officials will look into it.