Stop Fairness cream Ads as they are discriminatory to the people with darker skins

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As I was growing up, I was realizing the fact that there is a strange fascination in India towards fairer/white skin color.Although most of us have skin colors ranging from brown to black,the fascination for white skin continues.Mostly affected are girls of different ages.Girls of fairer skins generally get more attention from those with darker skins.This plays a major role at the time of marriage as fair skinned girls are more sought after in marriages.To cash in on this stereotype and taboo,fairness cream manufacturers have come into the market with various branded fairness creams which promises girls/women fairer skins in a short time.All these have created the idea that every girl should have fair skin and darker skins are not acceptable.

The solution lies in spreading the message that beauty is in our minds.It is our souls that make us beautiful,not our skin colors.That beauty is in what we do and not in what we wear.And that Fairness skins are no solution to this problem.The solution lies in psycho-social change of people.

I am much attached to this particular cause because like millions of darker skinned girls/women of this country,I too have darker skins.For that I have faced much discrimination while growing up,even in my family.I was forced to use various fairness creams to 'improve' my skin tone.Those were some horrible experiences and there was a time I almost went into depression.I don't want anybody else to experience what I experienced in those early years.If we stop fairness cream adds and instead promote that these creams are there in the market only to fool us and that there is really no need for us to get 'fair',it would go a long way to increase the confidence of those girls who are born with darker skins.